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Her Neighbor Expects Her To Do Her Grocery Shopping, But When They Never Paid Her Back She Stopped Responding To Their Texts

by Matthew Gilligan

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And all I can say is that some people are so pushy that they deserve to get a wake-up call.

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AITA for telling my neighbor I’m not her personal grocery store?

“I (30s) live in a rental that also has another rental house on the same property. I am a single mom who works a full time job.

This doesn’t sound good…

My new neighbor (40s)(who moved in at the beginning of November) has been constantly pestering me for different groceries.

Her husband makes $60,000 a year according to her whereas I make around $18,000.

She is home all day and gets the mail for both houses.

Right before Thanksgiving, I went to the grocery store and had to go to several because most of the stores were out of things.

She waited until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to do her shopping.

They were out of a lot of things. She sent me a long text with about 20-30 things she “needed.”

I told her I didn’t have most of the items but had a few.


She begged for the few that I had.

Since I had extra I gave her what I had (3 jars of peanut butter, 4 cans of green beans, 6 cans of beans, and 2 cans of cranberry sauce).

She said Thank you but never offered to pay or replace them.

The first week of December, she asked me for more items but I didn’t have any of the items.

She repeated this the 2nd week. I ran errands on Sunday and she sent me a text with about 80 items she wanted me to shop for.

I told her I didn’t have the extra money and I didn’t have the time to shop for two households.

This lady can’t take a hint.

She got really upset and told me it wouldnt take that much longer to pick up her 80 items.

I told her I wasn’t able to.

Tonight, my cell phone chirped for a text message while I was giving my son a bath.

Within 2 minutes, she is banging on my door because she needed peanut butter, milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk and butter.

I told her that I have to stretch my food dollars and cannot afford to keep giving them groceries.

She replied that I was getting SNAP (she knows this because she “accidentally” opens my mail constantly).

I told her I don’t get very much and I just qualified on Friday and I had to buy baby food for my son.

She told me I was being an ******* because they don’t qualify for any help and the least that I can do is help them when they need help.

I may be the ******* because I refuse to shop for her.

We have 7 grocery stores with 7 miles and all of them have delivery available.”

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This is ridiculous!

Go get your own food!