June 3, 2024 at 4:11 pm

His Neighbor Keeps Checking The Packages On His Porch, And Lost His Mind When Asked To Please Stop

by Ashley Ashbee

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Don’t you hate when a package is delivered to you by mistake?

Check out how the person in this story got an earful about it — and almost a fistful — when he complained about how his neighbor deals with it.

AITA for asking my neighbor to stay off my porch.

I have a neighbor, mid 40’s pretty quiet.

Never had a problem with him, he and his wife tend to mind their own business.

A few weeks ago one of his packages was delivered to my house. I saw it when I came home and walked it over to him.

He said “Thanks” and that was the end of it.

Now I’ve noticed on my ring camera almost every time there’s a package on my porch he comes up picks it up and looks at it.

He’s never taken anything and there’s never been another package that belongs to him.

A visitor can set off an annoying chain of events.

But when he comes on the porch my German shepherd goes nuts and my wife works from home and has to listen to him bark for 10 mins.

On top of that I have a teenage daughter and one day she went to leave he was on the porch looking at our packages which is awkward.

So yesterday I get home from work and he’s walking off my porch and just gives me a wave.

Turns out drama is next in the chain of events.

So I stopped him and asked him nicely not to just come on my porch a go through my packages, that if he receives anything at my house I will bring it over the second I see it.

He got extremely defensive started saying I’m accusing him of stealing and that I must be paranoid if I have a doorbell camera.

He called me an ******* and things got pretty heated before his wife came out and got him.

So my question is was I overreacting? AITA

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SO weird.

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People are so entitled and I don’t get it.

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“Snooping” is right. Sounds like he’s mad he got caught.

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It’s technically trespassing.

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I think the same. Entitled people also tend to be sensitive.

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Maybe I’ll get a PO box.

Or move out to the country.

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