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His Wife Abandoned Her Daughter Years Ago, And Now She Doesn’t Want To Introduce Her As A Sister. He Pushes Back Because He Doesn’t Want To Lie To Their Kids.

by Michael Levanduski

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Everyone makes mistakes when they are young, some more serious than others.

In this story, this man’s wife abandoned her daughter years ago and now that they have reconciled, she wants to introduce her to the kids as a family friend.

He is absolutely against the idea.

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AITA for not wanting my wife’s daughter to be introduced as a family friend?

A few years ago, my wife and I got a letter from a woman claiming to be my wife’s daughter, Laurel, who wanted to meet with her.

She’d told me that she’d given up a child for adoption when she was young, so I was expecting that this might happen.

What I didn’t expect was that the truth was there was never any adoption.

She just left the baby with the father and bailed.

Wow. His wife keeps looking worse and worse.

The worst thing about this is that when Laurel was 12, she wrote my wife begging for help.

Her response was to write her the nastiest reply imaginable (I’ve since had a chance to read it) that basically blamed her for her problems and threatened her against contacting her again and “ruining her family”.

I couldn’t believe it.

Not only has she been lying this whole time, but she actively had contact and chose to abandon her a second time while we were married.

This has all been an emotional dumpster fire, but that’s an issue of its own.

I’m glad to see this family is getting therapy, they undoubtedly need it.

We’ve been in contact and building a relationship for the last few years. So much therapy.

So far, we’ve kept this all away from our kids. At this point, it’s been a few years, and there’s interest in having everyone meet.

Thing is, between my wife and Laurel, they’ve come to an ‘agreement’ to tell the kids and everyone else in the family that Laurel is a family friend.

At what point will the lies end?

Absolutely not. I’m sick of the lying.

What they call each other is their own deal and I don’t expect that to change, but I’m not lying anymore.

I don’t like lying to my kids as a policy, but lying to them about who’s related to them and who isn’t is dangerous.

I only want them meeting if we can tell them the truth.

Now I’m getting into it with my wife, Laurel, and my parents (the only outside people who know). They say I should go along with it not for my wife’s sake but for Laurel’s.

I understand why she would want that, but I don’t think I care anymore. The kids need to know.


Surely they know that eventually, the kids will learn the truth.

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This Redditor thinks that the wife just doesn’t want her other kids to find out how awful she is.

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Another user agrees that lying to cover for his wife is a bad idea.

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The fallout from this lie could haunt the family for years.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

I cannot imagine living in this nightmare.

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