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His Wife Was Complaining About Her Job, So He Said She Should Be A Stay At Home Mom. That Definitely Wasn’t What She Wanted To Hear.

by Abby Jamison

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The decision to work or stay home with the kids is a difficult decision for anyone.

In this case, the wife is upset with her husband for suggesting she stays home, since she complains about her job.

But it’s more complicated than that!

Let’s get the full story…

AITA for telling my wife to quit her job because she could do it with our sons instead?

For context me (M29) and my wife (F28) have been married for the past 4 yrs and have been blessed with two sons.

Recently my wife has been complaining about the difficulty of her job more and the amount of work she has to put in following a workday.

He gives us more details…

I work about 50-60 hrs a week whereas she works 40hrs a week and I have tried to increase the amount of housework I do over the weekends.

The problem for me lies in the fact that we take both kids to daycare which costs a pretty big chunk of our budget and is more or less 70-80% of her income per month.

I make enough for all of us to be more or less in the same financial situation with a few more overtime hours a week if she quit her job.

And since she has been complaining recently when she started venting yesterday I told her she might as well quit and just take care of the boys.

I’d bump up a few hrs since it’s pretty much the same type of work (she works in social care).

She didn’t like this…

According to her I’m minimising her work and just not focusing on the real problem.

I’ve tried to talk with her about why she doesn’t want to just quit if she keeps whining about the job in the first place, but haven’t had much success today. AITA?

Let’s see what the comments say about this one…

This Reddit user has a fair point about income.

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This commenter supports the wife.

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Another user thinks everyone’s being too harsh.

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Most commenters agreed on this point, though.

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Sometimes, just listening to your partner goes a long way.

But so does doing your part at home.

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