June 1, 2024 at 10:36 pm

‘I don’t have the heart to tell him.’ – Nanny Tells A White Lie When Her Client’s Kid Asks Her Why She Doesn’t Have A Job

by Ashley Ashbee


Young children are very sensitive and they tend to ask people they love difficult questions.

But nanny @shortnfeisty was ready.

“The day I hoped would never come has arrived,” she says with a forlorn voice in a short video she recorded while walking.


“The kid that I nanny asked me what I do for work.”

How did he arrive at this question? With fairly mature logic, it turns out.

She quotes him, mimicking his speech impediment:

“Janna, you’re an adult and Mommy’s an adult and Daddy’s an adult and they go to work…”


“So when do you go to work?”

Without missing a beat and a smile on her face, Janna responds “On the weekends.”

He accepts it immediately, “Oh that makes sense.”

Janna chuckles.


The kid feels his bond with his nanny so strongly.

“He tells me constantly that we’re best friends,” she explains, smiling.

“I don’t have the heart to tell him I get paid to hang out with him.”

Watch the full clip here.


I love him so much I refuse to break his little heart like that #nanny #funnykids #nannylife

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This one broke my heart. I love how thoughtful little children are.


I love the sweet, positive energy in this one.

I agree! What a pro.


Awwww how precious. She must be a fun nanny.


That’s probably why they’re referred to as “threenagers.”


My heart is exploding from all the cuteness.

Kids just wanna have friends.

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