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Incompetent Boss Wouldn’t Let Stop Causing Drama For A High Achieving Team, So They Got Him Back By Following The Rules

by Raluca Ionita

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We all have problems every now and then at our jobs, but some bosses can be a huge pain.

However, not all the employees bow their heads. Actually, some of them can find pretty original ways to have their say against unrealistic demands.

Check out this story and see what a team of folks did to show their boss up.

You’re the boss? Ok, you’re the boss.

So back in 2021 I was working from home with a team of about 20 people in my department.

To summarize, our job was to monitor credit cards. We worked pretty independently and efficiently, so the company, to award this literally promoted the entire department and tripled our pay.

And with this they emphasized that we should be more independent, take more responsibility and all that.

Everyone was super ok with it.

Everything seems to be pretty straightforward, but wait…

But then, six months later, as every story on this sub goes, there was a change in management; the manager took a job at another bank and our supervisor was fired for doing the deed in company grounds.

The new manager was pretty competent, as far as I know she’s still in the position.

The problem was the new supervisor to our department, AKA best friend of new manager. He came into the job knowing absolutely zero about what we did and immediately wanted to demand results.

But then again, he knew nothing about what we did, so he would demand results in the wrong places.

Always asking for overtime even when we didn’t need, complaining about how we didn’t use “formal language” on the group chat and so on.

Nobody loves bosses who act like that, right?

One relevant thing he learned on his first week is that I was supposed to take his job before he came along. My old supervisor was training me to take his job because he was about to leave anyway.

And everyone on my team came to me when they needed something, be it help with a demand or advice on something work related. And he was quick to remind me of that, as he asked me to hop on a call with him and reminded me he was the boss.

He told me if anyone asked me for something to tell them to go to him; I said ok.

This backfired very quickly, since he didn’t know anything about what we did, he didn’t know how to help all the people coming to him.

After a few days they stopped asking him since he could never help and came back to me again.

Then again he told me to hop in a call with him and his new strategy was to whenever someone asked him something, he would then asked me so he could tell them; again I said ok.

Taking advantage of someone else’s skills never ends well, as you’re about to see.

After a month of this our production was at the lowest it had been in 3 years, but he was happy since everyone was going to him and getting albeit longer responses.

So he had to look somewhere else to cause intrigue. He started to bicker on when people took their breaks.

Our journey was 8 hours a day with 3 breaks, 2 10 minute breaks and an hour break. Everyone had their time to go to these breaks, but since it didn’t impact our job in the slightest, everyone just went when it was most convenient for them.

All my colleagues started complaining to me that he was busting their b***s for this until it came my time.

He went on a 10 minute rant on why I shouldn’t take my one hour break 30 minutes before I was supposed to. I told him it was because I went to a bakery close to my house everyday because I was tired to make dinner, and had to take my break 30 minutes early otherwise it would be closed.

He said if I wanted to go to the bakery I should go on my own personal time when I’m off the clock; I said ok.

It seems that saying “okay” to your boss every time doesn’t always mean you’ll get promoted.

But what he said gave me an idea, for me to go on my own personal time.

As per company code, beside those 1 hour and 20 minutes of break, you have up to 1 hour of personal break per day, in which you can take whenever you need for whichever personal reason.

I told my colleagues this.

And everyday, one hour before my one hour break I would take one hour of personal break to go to the bakery and buy my lunch, my colleagues would do similar things that they needed to do during the time they were used to take their breaks.

They were finally letting him have it!

Well, 2 months later the entire department was terminated since we weren’t bringing enough revenue to the company.

Unfortunately, this supervisor wasn’t let go until last week and the department he took over also was terminated.

And another disclaimer to anyone worried that about 20 people lost their jobs; we have a pretty niche set of skills and everyone quickly found jobs of similar paying wages, no one was sad to be fired, we were actually pretty happy, a few even resigned before the ship sunk.”

As it turns out, you can’t be mean to people and get away with it every time. Shocker!

Let’s see what other readers thought about this.

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Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Another user said that they wouldn’t have helped the new boss with other colleagues’ questions.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Some even believe that part of the blame also belongs to the company that hired him in the first place.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

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Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Never enable a toxic boss!

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