June 25, 2024 at 10:35 pm

‘You can judge me all you want.’ – Is It Okay Not To Return Your Shopping Cart, Or Is It Lazy To Just Leave It? This Woman Makes The Case To Never Return It

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

A lot of folks see that returning their shopping cart is a kinda civic duty – a way of making sure everything works right.

After all, if no one returned their shopping carts, there would be chaos in the store parking lot, right?!

But mom @drlesliedobson sparked a huge debate when she said she never returns her shopping cart when her kids are in the car.

Is that okay? She said very much so in this viral post on TikTok.

Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

Leslie Dobson, a clinical and forensic psychologist, told her followers: “I’m not returning my shopping cart. And you can judge me all you want.”

She continued to go against what a lot of us have in fact learned from our own moms on shopping trips as kids.

Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

She added: “I’m not getting my groceries into my car, getting my children into the car and then leaving them in the car to go return the cart, so if you’re gonna give me a dirty look, **** off.”

Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

The post has caused a debate on whether the mom is right or wrong.

She told Good Morning America she created the video to raise awareness about keeping children safe on shopping trips.

She added: “I wanted to make the video to empower people to say, trust your instinct, it’s okay if you don’t feel safe to not return your shopping cart.”

Some folks have a theory that returning a shopping cart is all about manners but is it?

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:


Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

It’s a hot topic!

Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

A simple issue really got some debate going!

Source: TikTok/@drlesliedobson

As a mom, this is just silly to me.

You leave the kids in the cart, return the cart, put the kids in the car. Boom.

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