June 5, 2024 at 2:25 pm

Car Buyer Shares The One Thing Keeping Dealers From Giving You A Discount On Your New Car

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

Any good salesperson is going to try and upsell you on something – it’s just part of being in sales!

And it’s not like you can blame them, they’re getting paid based on how much money you spend, so it’s only natural they want to beef up your bill a little bit!

But TikTok user @billythecarkid says this same principle could actually be keeping a dealership from giving you a lower price on your car!

Check out his advice to make sure you get the best price!

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

His video starts off by explaining that as an expert in car buying, he loves getting people the best deals.

But he warns the best person to give you that deal actually isn’t be the salesperson!

“He or she is going to be very reluctant to give you a discount. His or her main concern is going to be about keeping the price high.”

He explains that this is because dealer salespeople only get paid on the front-end profit, not on the financing or maintenance, so they want the price to be as high as possible for their commission!

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

In fact, he says when a salesperson is asked for a discount, they don’t even actually ask their sales manager about it, because they know they’re not going to make money.

“If I think something like that is going on, I simply ask to speak to the manager, and at that point I know I have the person who has the dealership’s best intentions in mind.”

He says if you can speak to a manager and show them that you will be a lifetime customer, that you will get your maintenance at the dealership, and possibly even get a warranty, you’re golden!

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

And Billy says its only better if you’re coming into the dealership with a car of your own to trade.

“If you’re bringing a trade to the table, financing, warranty, possibly buying GAP, servicing for your vehicle, and returning for your next vehicle, that should be worth something to your dealership.”

So Billy says even if your salesman tells you there’s no discount available for your new car, he’d still rather hear it from the manager, just to be sure!

Check out his advice for yourself!


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Most of TikTok loved his advice, but a lot of cars salesman took some issue with his video!

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

This user said Billy’s videos had saved her upwards of 3000 dollars on her new car!

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

While another salty salesman said that his manager was gonna tell you the exact same thing that he did.

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

Finally, this user said if a car salesman isn’t getting paid on the back end of sales, then he needs to find a new job ASAP!

Source: TikTok/@billythecarkid

Don’t get tricked the next time you’re buying a car!

There are always ways to get a better deal.

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