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Rude Neighbor Wanted To See Their Ring Camera Footage After His Car Got Scratched. They Wouldn’t Let Him.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Wikimedia Commons

Here we go again, folks…

It’s another story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page that involves people feuding with their neighbors.

And now it’s up to you to see if you think this person is acting like a total creep!

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AITA refusing to check Ring footage for my neighbors car getting scratched?

“I live in a nice neighborhood. The driveway has room for 2 cars, its reserved for my dad and his girlfriend, I park on the curb in front of our house that fits 2 cars comfortably.

My neighbor constantly has guests over, and the guests constantly park on that curb in front of our house, which wouldn’t be an issue if they parked properly, but they don’t.

They never do.

How annoying!

They park directly in the middle of the curb leaving no room for other cars, and i work a closing shift as well, so I’ve been forced to find parking in the next street or park and walk back home in the cold rainy nights lugging 10-20 lbs worth of items.

My dad has talked to them several times, telling their guests to leave room for other cars to park as well, but they don’t care, the same thing just happens the next day.

He kind of had it coming…

My neighbor got a new truck and someone dinged it, he came over today to ask if we can check our ring footage to see if it caught anything on camera, only I was at home but i just said no and shut the door on him.

He never had any neighborly courtesy over me having to walk the next street over or from a park to get home at like 12 am in heavy rain so I did not care if his car got a scratch.

My dad saw the ring camera and asked me what happened.

I explained to him and he told me i shouldn’t do that because it made us look bad, but we did check the footage and our cameras never caught anything anyways so it isn’t our issue.


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Neighborly drama is alive and well!

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