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She Wants To Invite More Guests To Their Wedding To Please Her Parents, But Her Fiancé Thinks He’s Already Compromised Enough

by Matthew Gilligan

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What’s 8 more people at a wedding?!?!

It’s a drop in the bucket, don’t you think?

Well, I guess not everyone feels that way…

And the woman who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if she’s being unreasonable.

Read her story and see what you think.

AITA for not siding with my fiancee after my parents wanted to invite 8 more guests?

“I (27F) and my Fiancee (30m) are getting married in September.

Originally we wanted to have a reception with 85 guests, but the venue I really wanted stated we HAD to invite 100 guests.

So, we went ahead with the venue I wanted and invited 100 people.

Here it comes…

After the invitations had been sent out, my parents were upset to find out we did not invite 4 of their closest friends and their spouses (8 people in total) but they thought it would not be a big deal to ask us to invite these 8 people.

My parents are the extremely generous type and I am very spoiled.

For this wedding alone they have brought forward $10,000 (pays for more than half the wedding) and my mom paid for my wedding dress.

And their generosity goes beyond what they have paid for the wedding (helping me get through university debt free, paying a portion of our house downpayment, helping me buy a new car, and just all around being there for me emotionally).

And for all this, I want to invite these guests to make them happy, as it would make me happy and i want to show them i appreciate all they have done for me (it’s much easier than paying them back lol).

Her husband-to-be doesn’t see it that way.

My fiancee does not share this opinion and insists this wedding cannot go above 100 guests.

He agreed to inviting them after the RSVP date provided space becomes available, but I really think most guests invited will RSVP yes.

Now what?

I explained to him that i want to show my parents my appreciation for all they have done for me, but he states he would sooner give them their money back than invite these 8 guests.

We have had several arguments and i have shed many tears over this issue, but he will not budge.

He thinks my parents are the ******** because of the last minute attempt to change our guest list, and i think he is being a jerk for being unreasonably stubborn.

And perhaps I am the ******* for not taking his side on this after all it was me who wanted the bigger venue.


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It sounds like there’s trouble in paradise…

We’ll see if there’s even a wedding!

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