June 2, 2024 at 2:35 pm

Apple User Discovers iPhone 15’s Alarm Settings Are Literally Buried In iPhone Menus And Goes On An Epic Rant

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

Apple just constantly has to go and change settings that we get used to, don’t they?

Things no one asked for, that worked perfectly fine, they just get changed, settings get moved.

It’s beyond frustrating!

But Apple user Elizabeth had her meal ruined because of it, and her rant is utterly epic.

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

She kicks off her video saying,

“Thank you iPhone 15, I just discovered something I had been suspecting,”

She’s clearly upset.

“Why have I been sleeping through alarms since getting an iPhone 15?” she continues.

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

She then tells us a quick story of what exactly happened.

And it started with her needing to set a timer for her Crockpot meal she had slow-cookin’.

“I specifically turned up my ringer all the way, not on silent, like the phone was primed to have this sound go off.”

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

You gotta go check out her full story, it’s a doozy.


Turn off “attention aware features” inside of face id and passcode #iphone15pro #iphonealarm

♬ original sound – Elizabeth

A whole ton of other folks were having this exact same issue!

Check out what they had to say about this annoyance.

This person was just like come ON now!

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

This person fell outta their chair on this line.

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

While this commenter said yeah what is the point here?…

Source: TikTok/@elizabethannswenson

Nice alarm there, Apple!

Like we didn’t have enough trouble getting out of bed for work the way it is.

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