June 4, 2024 at 10:34 pm

Wheelchair User Was Extremely Frustrated After The Handicap Accessible Room He Booked Doesn’t Have A Roll-In Shower

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

Walking around a city in the hot sun, hiking through a beautiful natural landscape, or even being at a festival all day, it can leave you feeling grimier than grimy.

And all you want by the end of the night is to plop down on that hotel bed after a nice shower.

But what if you had booked a room with a shower you couldn’t even use?

Well unfortunately for wheelchair @wheelchairkev, that’s exactly what happened when the “handicap accessible” room he booked didn’t have a roll in shower, meaning he was completely unable to use it!

Check out his video for yourself!

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

Kevin starts his video by explaining that he had booked a handicap accessible room for his recent stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in LA.

“It was supposed to have a rolling shower. I double check with the guy and he even read it back to me before we booked it. He said “A wheelchair accessible king with a rolling shower.”

But when he saw his room, there was not a wheelchair accessible shower to be found.

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

Kevin said it was accidents like these that make disabled people reluctant to travel and go on vacations.

“I have things to do tomorrow. I can’t even shower, I’m not even gonna go out and do them.”

So not only was his accommodation for the trip ruined, it was actually affecting what he was able to do on his vacation!

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

“You people don’t understand, when it comes to booking a room that’s wheelchair accessible, it’s all about the shower.”

And Kevin called for his viewers to tag the hotel company in his comments, saying he had paid a lot of money for a room he was basically unable to use.

“Please tag them, I need your help guys.” Kevin shouldn’t have to call on his followers just to get the accommodations he needs to use the room he paid for.

Check out his video for yourself!


They gave away my wheelchair ♿️ accessible room 🥺 #wheelchairkev #fyp #explore #explorepage

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TikTok could see that this situation was really taking a toll on Kevin’s well being.

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

And this user suggested he contact the ADA if the hotel couldn’t provide him with the accessible room he had booked.

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

And this user said even when hotels tried to give her accessible rooms, she refused to make sure they were available.

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

And many thought that since it was their mistake, the hotel needed to find him a room he could use.

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

Finally, this user even thought the hotel should provide Kevin with a comparable hotel!

Source: TikTok/@wheelchairkev

Talk about frustrating.

Do better Intercontinental!

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