July 3, 2024 at 6:38 am

Woman Pretended To Take A Nap In The Middle Of The Day And Recorded Her Husband’s Reaction

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

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A woman named Julie posted a video on TikTok that started as a set-up: how would her husband Corey react to her taking a nap on the couch in the middle of day…?

Julie set up her phone and recorded what happened. The text overlay reads, “Pretending to be asleep while he works from home to see what he does.”

She told her daughter to tell her husband that she was sleeping.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

And then Corey entered the picture…

Corey felt his wife’s forehead to see if she was possibly sick and he took her glasses off.

He then told their daughter to “shh” so Mom could sleep and put a blanket over Julie.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

Corey and his daughter tucked Julie in on the couch and he turned off the TV so she could get some much-needed sleep.

The video then cuts to Corey playing outside so Mom can get some rest.

What a guy!

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

Here’s the video.


The sass she gives him at the end 😂😭 #pretendingtobeasleep #sahm #wfhm #toddlermom

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And this is what people had to say on TikTok.

One viewer wouldn’t be able to pull this off.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

Another TikTokker asked a good question…

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

And this TikTok user shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey


That was pretty wholesome!

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