July 7, 2024 at 11:48 pm

HOA Wouldn’t Replace A Damaged Stair Unless It Was Broken, So… They Broke It.

by Trisha Leigh

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I don’t know if there has ever been a post on Reddit praising the actions of the HOA – or honestly, even calling them helpful of smart.

This one is not going to be any different, either.

Find out what happened when these people moved into a great new place with a couple of faulty stairs.

They won’t replace it unless…

My hubby and I were looking for a new place to live a while back, and we found a great condo/apartment with a super sweet property manager, so we decided to apply for it.

Once we were selected, we went to the place again to sign the paperwork.

They noticed the top stair had a large crack running through it.

This particular apartment was on the second floor above a row of garages, so our stairs (made of wood) were on the outside of the building.

We noticed that the top stair had a huge obvious crack going right down the middle lengthwise.

Both pieces of wood were still hanging on and you could still put pressure on it, but we still didn’t necessarily want to be moving all our crap up the stairs and wonder whether it was going to break.

Their property manager said they knew, but the HOA wouldn’t fix it unless it was actually broken.

We brought this up with our manager, and he said with a heavy sigh that since it was on the outside of our apartment, it was the HOA’s responsibility and that it was hard to convince them to spend any money.

Then he looked us square in the eyes and said the only way they’d replace it is if it were completely broken.

Problem solved.

We took the hint.

As we were preparing to move in my hubby stamped on the step extremely hard and broke it completely, immediately calling our manager to report it.

The HOA replaced it within two days.

That was almost too easy.

I wonder if Reddit agrees!

The rarest of gifts.

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MASH has aged very well.

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It’s honestly magical.

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We all love to see it.

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Sometimes you just take the win.

Next time I’m sure it will be harder.

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