July 3, 2024 at 6:33 pm

Mechanics Got Real About The Maximum Number of Miles They’d Be Comfortable With On A Used Car

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

If you were in the market to buy a car, what would be the maximum amount of miles that you’d feel comfortable with on a used vehicle?

That was the topic of this TikTok video, and mechanics from an automotive repair shop weighed in on that big question.

A person walked around the shop and asked the mechanics working there, “What’s the max amount of mileage you’d buy on a used car?”

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

The first mechanic said, “100,000.”

The second answered, “Probably 150,000.”

A third worker replied, “That’s tough because it depends on the manufacturer. But I’d say, 60,000 is a good place to start.”

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

As for the next couple of mechanics who were asked the big question?

They both had the same answer: 100,000 miles.

Sounds like useful advice to me!

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

Check out the video.


What’s the most amount of mileage you’d feel comfortable purchasing on a used car?

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Here’s how people reacted.

This viewer spoke up.

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

Another individual thinks they know the correct answer.

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

And this TikTokker had a different take on things.

Source: TikTok/@genuineautomotiveatx

Any kind of advice from a mechanic is good advice.

At least, when they’re not trying to swindle you out of cash.

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