July 6, 2024 at 10:48 pm

Woman Joined Her Friends At A Fancy Miami Restaurant, Only To Learn They Charged $36 For Bottled Water. – ‘I should have stayed home.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

Hey, I like to go out for a nice dinner from time to time, but this seems a bit excessive…and that’s an understatement…

A woman posted a video on TikTok and talked to viewers about a night out with friends that ended up being more expensive than she had hoped for.

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

She explained that she went out to eat with friends in Miami and added, “I should have stayed home. The first red flag was the way that there was no prices on the menu. It was baffling to me.”

Her friends ordered bottled water instead of tap water at the restaurant, but little did they know that they were in for a BIG shock.

The bottled water cost a whopping $36.

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

The woman said that she realized she was hanging out with a different crowd than she was used to when the others started talking about fancy vacations.

She said she ordered salmon and asparagus as her meal because she thought it wouldn’t be too expensive.

When the $900 bill arrived, her friends wanted to split up the bill evenly and it came out to roughly $235 per person.

She said, “I called my friends back at home, and they had a great time at IHOP and paid $20 each. They ate good.”

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

Here’s what she had to say.


What a humbling experience to say the least !😭😭 #fyp #fypシ #miami #umiamo #dmvtiktok #relatable #brokecollegestudent #collegelife

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Let’s see how people reacted.

This viewer shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

Another individual made a good point about Miami…

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

And this TikTok user never splits a bill.

Source: TikTok/@skysolomon_

I’ll take half a glass of water, please…

I’ll just grab McDonald’s on the way home.

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