Feb 27, 2012

The Animated Gifs Series: All Kinds of Amazing



In the Sifter’s third installment of the Awesome Animated Gif Series, we look at all kinds of amazing. Every day somebody in the world does something amazing and it will bring joy and delight to those fortunate enough to witness it. Here are 20 kinds of amazing, forever immortalized in animated gif glory. Enjoy!



1. Front Flip Onto Skateboard



2. Andrew Walker’s Shoulder Climbing Catch



3. Building to Building Parkour Jump



4. Legendary Moonwalk



5. Tree Flip by Danny MacAskill



6. Fancy Soccer Goal



7. Crazy Strike in Bowling



8. Damien Walters Hat Flip



9. Alexander Ovechkin Behind the Back Goal



10. Spin Climbing



11. Chris Chambers – Fantasy File



12. Wheelchair Backflip



13. 720 Double Tailwhip



14. Super-Suplex



15. Building to Building Parkour Jump volume 2



16. Cross Like a Boss



17. 7-10 Super Split



18. Bare-handed Non-Chalance



19. Running Handstand



20. Truck Flip









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