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Their Boss’ Wife Got Petty During Divorce Proceedings, So When Employee Was Asked To Help Divide Up Belongings They Made Sure They Were Just As Petty

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Sometimes in life…you just gotta be petty

And sometimes, you have to do it on someone else’s behalf!

That’s what this person did when their boss got screwed over and they passed with high marks!

Check out what went down in this story from the pages of Reddit.

The time I was petty during my boss’s divorce.

“Around the end of 2017, my boss’s wife went through a midlife crisis, and decided to have an affair and move out of their house.

Divorce proceedings initiated shortly after.

The following March, there was an incident between the two of them that necessitated court intervention, and for them to meet some requirements as a result.

One of those requirements was her being required to walk around the house and make a list of all the items that were hers.

She decided to be a ***** about it.

Cue pettiness on her part.

Boss’s lawyer stated that “in my 20 years of law practice, I have never seen a list this petty”.

Half of the dish towels

Half of the paper plate holders

Half of the pots

The curtains in the lounge

Etc etc

You get the idea. She made sure she got half of everything.

HOWEVER, my boss did not allow her to come into the house herself to pack, as she had spent the previous five months stealing out of the house at every opportunity, and he didn’t trust her to pack only her belongings.

That’s where they came in…

So, he made me do it (small company, nothing else really for me to be doing, so I dutifully started collating ‘her’ belongings)

This is where the pettiness comes in.

She requested one saucepan; I shook both, and one had a loose handle. She got that one

She asked for the curtains in the lounge; she didn’t ask for the curtain hooks. So I took all of those out.

Half of the dish towels? She got all the grotty mismatched ones, not the nice red set.

Half of the containers in the storage room? Never specified she wanted the contents, so she got empty containers.

I did this for the entire list, making sure I was as petty as possible when packing up the house.

The result.

You can probably guess what happened next…

Part 1: once she took all her stuff, she sent a very long letter via her lawyer, stating that what she received was not what was listed in her belongings.

We painstakingly went through the entire list, explaining that she received exactly what was written on her list, and we couldn’t possibly be at fault, since she “wasn’t specific enough”

Part 2: Their divorce was finalized at the end of 2019. Occasionally, we will still get the stray email saying we need to return items to her that weren’t provided back in 2018.

It makes my petty heart burn bright, knowing that she tried to be a ***** about taking things, and I turned it back on her and ruined it by being extra petty.”

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Pettiness at its finest!

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