Feb 11, 2012

12 Underwater Photos of Dogs Fetching Their Ball



Photographer Seth Casteel’s captures of dogs underwater are currently sweeping across the Internet landscape. The Sifter highly recommends you check out the Little Friends Photo Album on Facebook for hundreds of amazing animal photographs and plenty more underwater dog shots. There’s over 600 and counting!

Based in Los Angeles and Chicago and available nation-wide, Little Friends Photo specializes in lifestyle pet photography. Learn more about Seth and his passion for animals below. This guy rocks!













Photographer Seth Casteel of Little Friends Photo

Photographer Seth Casteel is passionate about helping animals and believes every pet deserves a loving home. He has donated hundreds of hours of his time and over $20,000 to help save the lives of countless animals. His pride and joy, Nala the mini-labradoodle, is a rescue from the pound.

He volunteers with animal shelters and rescues all over the country, professionally photographing dogs and cats to give them a better chance of finding forever homes. Seth’s professional photos result in increased adoptions and help generate more traffic to the shelters and rescues.

Seth’s volunteer efforts have led to the launch of SecondChancePhotos.org, a resource dedicated to saving pets through photography. Please visit the website to learn more and how you can help.
















Little Friends Photo Official Site
Little Friends Photo on Facebook
Second Chance Photos Official Site
Little Friends Photo Blog
Little Friends Photo on Twitter







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