November 9, 2009 at 8:58 am

Movie Montage Monday

by twistedsifter

movie montage monday Movie Montage Monday

Welcome back weekend warriors! I spent the entire morning watching videos on Vimeo and wanted to share my three favourites. Each video piqued my interest for different reasons but all of them are visually stunning, enjoy!

STORMBIRDS: The High-Octane Action Sequence

Created by: RealtimeUK
Client: THQ, Juice Games

Duration: 3 months
Team: 8 artists
Software: 3dsMax, Vray, Vue, Afterburn

H2OIL ANIMATED SEQUENCES: Informative and Engaging Animation

Created by: lamoustache for the feature documentary H2oil
Animation Direction: Dale Hayward & Sylvie Trouvé | ostrichindustries
Illustrations: James Braithwaite |
Sound: Daniel Legace
Produced: Loaded Pictures


Created by: BYU design students and faculty, for the 5th Typophile Film Festival. A visual typographic feast about the five senses, and how they contribute to and enhance our creativity. Everything in the film is real—no CG effects!

Shot with a RED One, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a Canon EOS 40D, and a Nikon D80.
Stop motion created with Dragon Stop Motion.

Creative Director & Faculty Mentor: Brent Barson
Writing & Storyboarding: Brent Barson, Jessica Blackham, Analisa Estrada, Meg Gallagher, John Jensen, Regan Fred Johnson, Colin “The Pin” Pinegar
Construction, Paint & Glue: Brent Barson, Wynn Burton, Analisa Estrada, Meg Gallagher, Olivia Juarez Knudsen, Casey Lewis, Reeding Roberts, Deven Stephens, Brian Christensen (Brain Sculpture)
Animators: Brent Barson, Wynn Burton, Analisa Estrada, Meg Gallagher, Olivia Juarez Knudsen, Reeding Roberts, Deven Stephens
Cinematographer: Wynn Burton
Editing: Brent Barson, Wynn Burton, Analisa Estrada, Meg Gallagher, Reeding Roberts
Hand Models: Analisa Estrada, Meg Gallagher, Olivia Juarez Knudsen, Deven Stephens, Michelle Stephens
Original Music: Micah Dahl Anderson

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