July 7, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Picture of the Day: The Craziest Illusion in Paris

by twistedsifter




illusion of globe grass and trees paris anamorphic Picture of the Day: The Craziest Illusion in Paris


trippiest illusion ever paris globe grass trees 3d Picture of the Day: The Craziest Illusion in Paris

Artwork by FRANCOIS ABELANET | Photograph by Eric Tenin


An anamorphosis is a distorted picture that finds its original aspect ratio and makes sense when viewed from one angle. The artist François Abelanet has mastered this modern variation of trompe l’oeil, which he shows through a new masterpiece of land art which will be on display until July 15th on the steps of City Hall in the center of an ephemeral garden dedicated to urban trees.

With its geometric lines in 3D, the work gives visitors the illusion of a relief and covers 1500 square meters. It measures 100 meters long and requires 1200 square meters of lawn, 300 m² of sedum and 650 m3 of straw and sand. About 90 gardeners and technicians were mobilized continuously for five days for the completion of this ephemeral work of art.

This huge contemporary garden questions the link between nature and city, and their difficult coexistence. At the intersection of architecture, decoration and land art, the work “Who to believe?” shows the marriage between town and nature and between mineral and vegetable. A fleeting image that evokes the urban and the regular planting of trees along the streets.

With “Who to believe?” François Albaret invites the viewer to feel and experience the fundamental place of nature: “We live in a world where one intends to discuss the ecologists, scientists, industry … I wanted to just focus on the problem of the tree and to invite people to consider the place, the tree, nature and the environment for them. I wish for people to ask the question to themselves and feel how the environment is fundamental. ” [Translated from Paris.fr]