May 8, 2012 at 9:01 am

The Beautiful Manhole Cover Art of Japan

by twistedsifter

Ichinomiya Aichi manhole cover



In 95% of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities you will find artistic manhole covers unique to each city and town. It has become apart of the country’s national culture and it’s fascinating to see the different designs and styles that each town and city has chosen to represent them. With over 6,000 manhole cover artworks, it’s no surprise that spotting and photographing them has become a hobby for many.

Apparently all manhole covers are forged in Nagashima Foundry from carved master plates that have all been preserved in a central library. To learn more about the amazing manhole cover art of Japan there’s plenty of resources: there’s a Japanese website with locations and information; a book called ‘Drainspotting‘; a Flickr group with several thousand images; and a wonderful individual collection by S Morito (MRSY on Flickr) with over 352 different manhole covers.

Random factoid: Manhole covers are round so the covers can never accidentally fall inside. Brilliant!



1. Osaka


Osaka pref manhole cover2 ????????????



2. Osaka City


Osaka city,Osaka pref manhole cover??????????????



3. Takamatsu Kagawa


Takamatsu Kagawa manhole cover??????????????



4. Kinosaki Town


Kinosaki town, Hyogo pref manhole cover??????????????



5. Kadoma City


Kadoma city, Osaka pref manhole cover??????????????



6. Kishiwada City


Kishiwada city, Osaka pref manhole cover???????????????



7. Yakage Okayama


Yakage Okayama manhole cover??????????????



8. Ichinomiya Town


Ichinomiya town,Aichi pref manhole cover2???????????????



9. Izumisno City


Izumisno city Osaka pref manhole cover????????????????



10. Ibaraki City


Ibaraki city, Osaka pref manhole cover??????????????



11. Yamatokoriyama Nara


Yamatokoriyama Nara manhole cover ????????????????



12. Takahama Fukui


Takahama Fukui manhole cover ??????????????



13. Ikoma Nara


Ikoma Nara manhole cover 2???????????????



14. Kuwana Mie


Kuwana Mie manhole cover ??????????????



15. Daito City


Daito city, Osaka pref manhole cover??????????????



16. Kishiwada City


Kishiwada city, Osaka pref manhole cover 2????????????????



17. Izumi Osaka


Izumi Osaka manhole cover 2 ???????????????



18. Yasugi City


Yasugi city, Shimane pref manhole cover??????????????



19. Matsue Shimane


Matsue Shimane,manhole cover??????????????



20. Ogaka Gifu


Ogaki Gifu manhole cover ??????????????



21. Ikaruga Town


Ikaruga town, Nara pref manhole cover??????????????







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