Jul 26, 2012

A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs


Some you’ll love, some you’ll detest and others you can only hope nobody has ever slipped and hurt themselves! Below is a gallery of unique and creative staircase designs. Not necessarily the most beautiful or functional, just a collection of interesting concepts that push the boundaries of staircase design into bold and often handrail-less territories. Enjoy!




1. Bookshelf Staircase


looking up and looking down a bookshelf staircase

Design by Levitate




2. Lello Bookshop in Porto, Portugal


famous lello bookshop in porto portugal stairs from above




3. Stairs with Slides


stairs with slides




4. Floating Stairs


black floating stairs with no handrail

Design by École




5. Magic Mountain Stairs in Duisburg, Germany


unique creative staircase design 7 A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs




6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil by Oscar Niemeyer


oscar niemeyer brazil foreign ministry staircase


oscar niemeyer brazil foreign ministry staircase




7. Storage Stairs


unique creative staircase design 2 A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs




8. Curvaceous Staircase


curvaceous staircase

Design by Atmost Studio




9. Suspension Bridge Staircase


suspension bridge with stairs




10. Platform Staircase


miniature platforms staircase




11. Ribbon Staircase


staircase from one continuous piece of material

Design by HSH




12. Wavy Staircase at Longchamp Store in New York City


wavy staircase




13. Staircase Made from Shipping Pallets


staircase made of shipping pallets




14. Spiral Staircase with No Center Pole


freeflowing spiral staircase

Design by Patrick Jouin




15. Foldable Attic Staircase


attic staircase foldable




16. Half Spiral


half spiral staircase

Design by Alberto Mozó




17. Shadow Patterns


staircase that creates shadow patterns




18. Hanging Staircase


hanging staircase




19. Hollowed Tree Trunk Staircase


staircase inside tree trunk A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs




20. Floating Concrete Staircase


unique creative staircase design 17 A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs




21. Floating Staircase


floating staircase design




22. Vertebrae Staircase


stairs that look like human spine vertebrae




23. Split-Level Staircase


split level staircase

Design by nC2architecture




24. Suspended Staircase


suspended staircase




25. Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada


Stairs / Ramp

Photograph by Dean Bouchard




26. Stair Tree


unique creative staircase design 19 A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs




27. Death-Defying Floating Staircase


scary floating staircase




28. Stairs Everywhere


unique creative staircase design 8 A Giant Gallery of Unique Staircase Designs




29. Wedge Stairs


triangle staircase




30. Umschreibung (Rewriting) by Olafur Eliasson – Munich, Germany


Umschreibung (Rewriting) staircase sculpture by olafur eliasson

Design by Olafur Eliasson





– Google Image Search: “Unique staircases”, “Amazing Staircases”







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