January 18, 2013 at 9:05 am

The Shirk Report – Animated Gif Edition

by twistedsifter



For the first time in nearly four years of running this site I will be travelling with limited access to Internet (I shuddered just typing that). Thus I am unable to provide the typical Shirk Report you’ve enjoyed for the past 196 weeks. In lieu, I have created a special one-time animated gif edition. If you’re a fan of the shirk you know my penchant for animated gifs. So instead of articles and videos, I present 50 hilarious animated gifs that will hopefully add a little enjoyment to your lazy Friday.

Enjoy! And stay sifty my friends 🙂



1. Let’s get started
2. How ice cream sandwiches are made
3. Full-stop
4. Bridge troll
5. Slick boarding
6. Double domino domination
7. No man can carry that many bags
8. Look at those elbows
9. My kind of parliament
10. A classic
11. Gold medal vaults, 54 years apart
12. That was unexpected
13. Missed connection
14. Descended
15. Racist?
16. Vaulted
17. pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew
18. Dwight Howard
19. Look to the cookie
20. It’s spreading
21. Work it out
22. Dominated
23. Trippy
24. Deception
25. Bieber remix
26. Counting is an art
27. An art I tell you!
28. The only way to get in bed
29. Oh you don’t care for all these gifs?
30. Daaaaaaaaaamn!
31. Japan has awesome ideas for game shows
32. Smoke rings
33. Iced
34. Slow motion, multiple angles
35. Team defense at its finest
36. Metallurgy
37. Dogs don’t get escalators
38. Swag
39. Swaggier
40. Jazz hands * infinity
41. Boo.
42. Ninja cat
43. Hill cimbing
44. Launching humvees
45. Mildly impressive
46. Kid can roll
47. Base humor
48. Did not see that coming
49. This is facial distortion. Your eyes deceive you
50. And there you have it