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She Told A Kid He Couldn’t Have The Gluten-Free Donut She’d Brought For Her Husband, And It Caused A Big Scene

by Matthew Gilligan

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There’s always one

I’m referring to a kid at a party who thinks the whole world revolves around them…so they make life miserable for everyone!

Did this woman do anything wrong when she refused a kid her husband’s donut?

AITA for refusing to give a donut to a kid at a party?

“My husband and I were invited to a birthday party.

We asked if we could bring anything and the host said not needed but we could if we wanted to.

Since I don’t like showing up empty handed anywhere I thought it would be nice to purchase some boutique donuts from an artisanal donut shop near us.

We got a bunch of donuts and one gluten free donut for my husband who can’t have gluten.

Side note: no one at the party has any gluten issues, we know these people fairly well.

We got to the party and set the donuts down.

Immediately this kid and his mom decided to come on over because in her words “these are the best donuts in town! Wow! Thank you for bringing them!”

Lay off, kid!

I open up the boxes and immediately the kid throws his hands on the GF one. I kindly said “Oh sorry I am saving that one for my husband he can’t have gluten”.

I picked the donut out and set it aside and proceed to tell him all the other wonderful flavours that I got! Cookies and cream, Nutella, it was donuts galore.

The kid? Immediately starts crying because he wanted the one I took away and his mom proceeded to begin tearing at me and yelling at me for not just giving him the donut. “He is just a kid!”

I was stunned and I immediately just left the situation, went outside with my husbands donut gave it to him.

I was mortified. I thought she would calm down but NOO!

Give it a rest, lady!

This lady proceeds to go outside and a make a scene about it.

A big argument ensued about how I refused her kid a donut. It was comical at this point.

I calmly stated my point again, that this donut was for my husband who is GF and I know no one there has an issue with gluten so her child could have one of the others.

This lady wouldn’t let it go so here is where I might be the *******.

At this point I am sick of her entitlement so I told her just that she is an entitled little brat and now I know where her kid gets it from.

She starts crying, making a scene and leaves the party.

The host and everyone there is just mortified and then tell me I should have just handed the kid the donut.

My husband sticks up for me, and we decided to leave early.”

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As someone who has gluten-free family members, this woman did the right thing.

That mom needs to check herself and her child.

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