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Her Friend Criticized Her Lifestyle, So She Responded By Telling Her Friend She’d Only Gotten Married Out Of Desperation

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ouch…those are fightin’ words!

But sometimes, when pushed into a corner, all you can do is respond in kind, right?

That’s what the woman who wrote this story did, but now she wants to know if she took things too far.

Let’s take a look at what happened!

AITA for saying my best friend settled for her husband because she was desperate?

“My bff Mia and I, both 32F, have known each other since we were 12 but only became close at university.

We’re different in many ways, like our views on marriage/kids.

I never want to get married or have kids.

Mia has had her wedding planned since she was 10 and always told everyone that she’ll be married by 27, travel for a year before having her first kid by the time she turned 30.

Mia always tells me I’ll change my mind one day, she brings it up often and it’s annoying.

Love was in the air…

In 2015 Mia reconnected with an old classmate on FB, Pete, from our home country and they started dating long distance.

Four months later she visited Pete and told everyone they were engaged.

I asked her if she was sure and she said they were in love and can’t wait to be married so she can sponsor him and be together in the same country.

I’m ashamed to say my first thought after she told me was that he was using her to get a green card.

Their wedding was planned for summer 2016 but in early 2016 it was revealed Pete had been cheating with his ex and she had DM’d Mia pics/screenshots of their texts because she found out about the wedding and felt guilty.

Let’s try that again.

Mia confronted him and they argued for hours with him admitting he was using her for a green card and would’ve divorced her later.

In 2018, Mia again reconnected with another classmate, Jay.

So Mia, Jay & Pete all went to primary school together and Jay & Pete are friends and Jay knows about what happened.

Mia and Jay got married in our home country in late 2019 and I was her MOH.

The immigration process got delayed because of Covid but Mia and Jay were finally reunited in 2021. Months later she announced she was pregnant and gave birth to a boy in Feb 2022.

Everything was moving super fast but Mia was happy to be a mom at 30.

I recently started a new remote job that gives me a lot of freedom so I decided I would solo travel.

I have a close group of friends and we do a weekly girl’s night.

Mia gave birth again in October and haven’t been able to join us so last week she invited us to her house for dinner.

Here it comes…

During dinner a friend asked me about my travel plans (at this point only this friend knew). When the others found out they were happy for me.

Mia was quiet and seemed annoyed.

One friend said she was envious of me and wishes she could do the same.

Mia scoffed and said anyone could do it if they were irresponsible. It got quiet and I just stared at Mia.

I asked her what she meant; I said I’m spending my own money and I’ll still be working so how am I irresponsible?

She said I haven’t grown up yet and only wanted to have fun when I should be settling down.

I told her I don’t want to settle down and just because I’m not married with kids doesn’t mean I’m not a grown up.

She let her have it!

She said my life is meaningless so I said “At least I’m not desperate enough to fly to a different country and marry the first guy I saw.”

I think I’m the ******* for basically throwing the whole Pete thing in her face knowing how hurt she was.


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I agree they don’t seem like friends.

It’s probably time for them both to move on.

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