Jun 4, 2013

Picture of the Day: Shelf Cloud Over Timisoara




shelf cloud over timisoara romania ervin boer Picture of the Day: Shelf Cloud Over Timisoara

Photograph by ERVIN BOER


In this amazing capture by Ervin Boer, we see an intimidating shelf cloud over Timisoara, Romania. The photo was posted to Timisoara’s official Facebook page (via my friend Mihai).

A shelf cloud is a low, horizontal, wedge-shaped arcus cloud. They are attached to the base of a parent cloud, which is typically a thunderstorm, but could form on any type of convective cloud. Rising cloud motion often can be seen in the leading (outer) part of the shelf cloud, while the underside often appears turbulent and wind-torn. [Source]

Timișoara is the capital city of Timiș County, in western Romania. It is one of the largest Romanian cities, with a population of 303,708 inhabitants (the third most populous city in the country, as of 2011), and the main social, economic and cultural center in the western part of Romania. [Source]



picture of the day button Picture of the Day: Shelf Cloud Over Timisoara