November 3, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Picture of the Day: Moose in the Mist

by twistedsifter




moose in the mist

Photograph by Steve Wall


In this amazing capture by Steve Wall, we see a majestic moose shrouded in the early morning mist. Steve, who was on a camping trip at the time, recalls being woken up in the early morning by distant grunts:

“I threw on some clothes, grabbed my camera, and jumped in the canoe to follow the grunts. I quietly paddled around our point and into a little bay behind our campsite. And there I received the ultimate gift of the moose. For more than 30 minutes as the sun slowly peeked up through the morning mist I sat mesmerized as this majestic beast ate and explored less than 30 feet away. He posed, grunted, and swam in front of me several times before finally climbing back on shore and noisily disappearing through the trees.”


The passage above is a snippet from a longer (and really great!) recount of the trip and shot. You can read the entire story on Steve’s Flickr page. It is entitled, the gift of the moose.



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