March 12, 2014 at 9:15 pm

Picture of the Day: Storm the Beach

by twistedsifter




huge storm cloud at daytona beach jeff smallwood Picture of the Day: Storm the Beach

Photograph by JEFF SMALLWOOD
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In this fantastic capture by Jeff Smallwood we see a massive storm cloud rolling into Daytona Beach, Florida. The city lies about 51 miles (82.1 km) northeast of Orlando, 86 miles (138.4 km) southeast of Jacksonville, and 242 miles (389.5 km) northwest of Miami.

The city is historically known for its beach where the hard-packed sand allows motorized vehicles in certain areas. A mecca for motorsports, the headquarters for NASCAR and the Grand American Road Racing Association are located here. [source]

In the comments on the Flickr description page, Jeff says the photo was the result of ‘being in the right place at the right time’ (how many times have we heard that!). As he and his family were on the beach he didn’t want to lug all of his gear but took his wife’s Canon compact camera ‘just in case’.

His inclination was right as this storm cloud rolled in and he got the shot using his wife’s compact. Another testament that the best camera—is the one you have on you! Awesome shot Jeff 🙂



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