Feb 2, 2018

The Shirk Report – Volume 459



Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Facebook, Twitter, and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to submit@twistedsifter.com



When they tell you they’re getting a cat
When you’re accountant says you’re getting money back this year
He sold all 20,000 (at $500 a pop) in a matter of days | Live look at Elon
Damn it feels good to be a gangster
This Mexican restaurant took over a Chinese restaurant, and instead of changing the mural did this
Updating a classic for relevancy
That’s some nice calligraphy there, would be a shame if someone..
When you think of the perfect comeback 5 minutes later
That’s what friends are for
Me, every single day
My neck
Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission
Forget Downey, wtf is his dog doing
Whatever happens on Sunday we’ll always have this
Damn you Windows
Deep thoughts with dog
This picture is applicable in more instances than I can count
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Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice
Why Tesla’s Autopilot Can’t See a Stopped Firetruck
Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read
The Astronaut Who Might Actually Get Us to Mars
Naked mole rats defy the biological law of aging
Hong Kong bans ivory trade in ‘historic’ vote
The big fight over Coexist
Holocaust survivor breaks decades-long silence to share her horrific story
The Magnetic Field Is Shifting. The Poles May Flip. This Could Get Bad.
Highway of riches, road to ruin: Inside the Amazon’s deforestation crisis


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