April 26, 2024 at 6:32 pm

Former HGTV Employee Spills Secrets About Why The Job Was Really Awkward. – ‘She asks me for $10,000.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy

If you love watching HGTV and think it would be the perfect place to work, you might want to think again.

Because according to one former TV staffer, working there was far from perfect.

It seems like yet another reminder that not everything on TV is as it seems.

Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy
Former CEO and CMO of HGTV, Denise Conroy (@denise_conroy), has penned a book where she reveals life in TV land was far from cookie cutter.

She told her followers on TikTok how her time working at the home and garden themed network, wasn’t a pleasant one for her.

She said her professional life saw her experience “red flags” such as being asked, in her 30s, if her parents were proud of her.

Since her parents never owned a home and she’d been brought up in several rentals, she felt she had to tell a white lie to fit in.

Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy
She then claimed that a professional asked her out for coffee, and asked her for something WILD.

“I’d only been working there for about two months. This chick was super religious. Super inappropriate. Sure enough, she sets up this coffee with me. We no sooner get our coffee, sit down at a table, and she asks me for $10,000 to be in some women’s auxiliary affiliated with the YMCA…”

Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy

She said she couldn’t give such a huge donation and now she will never forget that moment and she clearly didn’t feel comfortable about any of this.

No doubt this former staffer’s claims will be of interest to those who like to watch TV as a little peek behind the curtain.

Watch the full clip here:


Two weird red flags 🚩🚩 from my early days at HGTV (from my upcoming book). #hgtv #ceo #careeradvice #careertiktok #worktok

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Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy

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Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy

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Source: TikTok/@denise_conroy

I would definitely like to hear more.

Maybe I’ll have to buy the book.

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