Jun 4, 2022

5 Things Dogs Do That Mean “I Love You”

It can sometimes be hard to interpret our dogs’ emotions but today we’re going to get the facts behind the different things dogs do to let you know they love you.

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1. Licking your face.

Some people aren’t crazy about this idea, but it comes from a good place.

When your dog licks your face, they’re trying to groom you and show you how devoted they are to you.

2. Sharing is caring.

When your pooch brings you a toy, they either want to play OR they’re offering you a gift because they want to show their love for you.

3. Time for bed.

If your dog tries to sleep in your bed, it means they are totally loyal to you and that they’re totally dedicated to you, the leader of the pack.

4. Who’s following me?

When dogs follow you around, it’s their way of trying to keep the pack together.

If a dog loves you, they want to be with you all the time because they don’t need alone time like humans do.

5. You’re back!

When your dog goes wild when you return to your house, it’s the number one way they show how much they love you, so take it as a compliment and enjoy it.

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