September 14, 2022 at 8:00 am

10 People Who Are Dealing With Really Ridiculous Bosses

by Matthew Gilligan

Fact: working for a s**tty boss is, well…s**tty.

And that’s why you have to hang on for dear life when you work for people who actually treat you with respect!

But I guess going through all the bad bosses builds character, right?

Or something like that…

Let’s all say a prayer for these people who are dealing with bosses who obviously suck.

1. How dare you throw up here!

They even had a doctor’s note.

Written up for throwing up at work and not being able to afford a doctors note to explain why (explanation in the comments) from antiwork

2. This is weird.

Seems like something you’d be able to get out of work for, right?

Subpoenaed as a witness and written up for obeying court subpoena. We live in hell. from antiwork

3. We walk out as a team…

No, thanks!

Got written up while off the clock…(Details in comments) from antiwork

4. Gonna need a little more time than that.

6 minutes?!?!

Added to the schedule 6 minutes before the start of the shift and got written up for being late. I’m so done at this point from antiwork

5. Looks like a fun place to work.

That was sarcasm, FYI.

This was several years back, but my GM used to post notes like this all over the place. Yes, employees got written up for having water bottles under the registers. He ended up getting fired for stealing money from the store, apparently. from antiwork

6. What’s going on at Burger King?

Seems a little ridiculous.

Was late today and was going to get a suspension because I had "already called out too much for this" due to my finger being cut open earlier this week.. fuck burger king from antiwork

7. Just walk out!

No one is looking at your feet at Wendy’s…

I got written up for wearing the wrong shoes at Wendy’s. Should I accept the write up, refuse to sign it or just walk out. I’m thinking of walking out? from antiwork

8. Just say NO.

Well, it didn’t seem to work this time…

Written Up for Saying No After Closing from antiwork

9. You’re not allowed to tie your shoes here!

That seems odd…

10. Not a happy camper.

Look a little closer, boss!

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