October 2, 2022 at 2:11 am

12 People Share Their Money-Saving Tips

by Matthew Gilligan

It’s safe to say that all of us want to have more money and save more money.

But it can be hard to be consistent with the saving part, no doubt about it.

So let’s hear today from folks on the Financial Independence Reddit page about their money-saving tips.

Let’s take a look!

1. Split it.

“My girlfriend has a favorite restaurant but notoriously wouldn’t be able to eat her whole meal.

Now, whenever we go, we share the meal and get an appetizer.

This has trickled into whenever we are eating out, we typically split the meal.”

2. Use it or lose it.

“I got an extra trash can and put it outside, so when it rains, I collect that natural water.

In my area, it doesn’t rain much. I then use this water as irrigation for my backyard. Saves on the water bill a little bit.”

3. There you go!

“Bar soap is better than body wash. I made the switch in college to bar soap.

One bottle of body wash would last me about a month and cost $3-5.

I can buy eight bars of soap for the same price, and it easily lasts me six-plus months.”

4. Side money.

“I answer Craigslist ads to participate in surveys.

Sometimes, they are Zoom focus groups, which can last an hour or two (these are usually $100-200). Sometimes, they’re $5 Amazon gift card surveys.

I use the money to buy essentials like soap, kitchen supplies, toothpaste, etc.”

5. Leave him at home.

“Ordering groceries for pickup vs. shopping in store saves me a few hundred a month on impulse purchases.

Also, I leave my husband at home when I go to Costco. He has no self-discipline at Costco!”

6. Might as well.

“I’ve been taking DoorDash trips in the direction I’m heading for longer drives to get my wife’s fancy sourdough bread.

Now, I can write off my mileage, and I can usually make enough to pay for the bread and entire trip.”

7. Good plan.

“I’m big on yard sales, thrifting, and flipping the things I already have, and I use that money specifically to buy clothes and shoes.

I hunt for high-quality, gently-used brands priced for a steal. For my birthday next month, I have a big bag of clothes and purses, and plan to turn it all in at my favorite thrift store for store credit.

I can use that for a shopping spree in the store as a gift to myself!”

8. Just as good as the real thing.

“It’s our one-year anniversary today. I want to make people aware of a diamond alternative called moissanite.

It’s lab-grown and looks just as good, if not better than the real thing. Our engagement ring stone is about 1.5 carat size, which can cost $10k-25k depending on clarity.

Our moissanite ring cost about $550 and was custom made to our liking.”

9. Some people might be into this.

“I belong to a Planet Fitness ($10 a month, plus yearly fee).

I started bringing a gym bag and showering and shaving there to cut back on my water bill.”

10. Discounts.

“My local produce market often sells discounted bags of fruits and veggies that are past their prime. Last week, I got a huge bag of bananas for $3.

I mushed up the squishiest ones to use in banana bread, and the rest I sliced up and froze for use in smoothies.

This particular market runs Friday-Sunday, so if I go on Sunday afternoon, I can usually get some great deals, as long as I’m willing to do a little work chopping and freezing afterwards.”

11. Skip it.

“I never buy the latest model phone or computer. This year’s $1,000 phone? It will be $300 in three years, and I’ll buy it new then.

It will still be a huge improvement on whatever I’m replacing, so it will make me happy. Staying three years behind tech is a great way to save money.”

12. It all adds up.

“Weather has been over 90 degrees all week, so I have been hang drying instead of using our dryer.

Cost-wise, it’s probably minimal, but it makes me feel good to give less money to the utility company, and being more eco-friendly is definitely a bonus!”

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