November 5, 2022 at 4:49 am

11 Funny Tweets to Make You Chuckle

by Matthew Gilligan

Who’s ready to chuckle?!?!

Let’s see a show of hands

Okay, it looks like everyone!

Now that we’re ready to laugh, let’s enjoy some hilarious tweets.

Start now!

1. A good way to look at life.

Nice work!

2. Gee, thanks…

Back to the trash you go.

3. You’ll fall back in love in a hurry.

It’s brutal out there!

4. In theory, they’re great.


5. Not getting any better, huh?

Keep your head up!

6. Your friend BLEW IT.

Been doing it wrong all along.

7. This is great.

What a lady!

8. Words to live by.

Good luck out there!

9. Great kid!

You’re raising her the right way.

10. Let’s ruin it!

This is good teamwork.

11. Tell me about it…

It’s just not the same anymore.

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