November 27, 2022 at 2:25 am

13 Non-Americans Open Up About What They Think All Americans Have In Their Homes

by Matthew Gilligan

One of my sisters is married to a guy from Australia, and he likes to tell me that before he ever visited the U.S., he thought everyone in our country was pretty much like the people you see on the TV show Cops.

Well, maybe he wasn’t TOO far off, but still, I still get a kick out of that…because he grew up on the other side of the world and had no idea what it was really like over here.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users who aren’t from the U.S. about what they think all Americans have in their homes.

1. Nailed it!

“A switch that when you flick it it turns your sink into a blender.

“A “trash smoothie.””

2. Give me coffee.

“A coffee machine with large glass jug full of black coffee being kept warm.

The UK mostly has electric kettles for making hot drinks individually.”

3. Yes, we are.

“Apparently, Americans are rather fond of pickles and peanut butter.

Is that a fair assumption to make?”

4. Fascinating!

“The washing machines where you put everything in the top!

This fascinated me when we visited the states.

They’re huge!”

5. Just perfect.

“A plastic bag filled with plastic bags.

Perfect for the bathroom garbage can.”

6. Definitely.

“Large quantities of over-the-counter drugs in huge bottles.

Like Tylenol and Ibuprofen.”

7. You know it!

“Every American household have a drawer full with random s**t (d**d batteries, screws, shoelaces, etc.).

A junk drawer.”

8. Bring on the sauces.

“Multiple different types of weird sauces.

Freedom is weird, man.”

9. Accurate.

“Peanut butter? Check.

Ice in the fridge door? Check.

In-sink disposal? Check.

Individual soft drinks? Check.”

10. An American classic.

“A garage fridge.

Filled with beer and frozen boxes of stuff from Costco.”

11. Is that weird?

“Eggs in the fridge.

The US and another handful of countries require this by health code and I don’t really remember why.”

12. Get cookin’!

“Crock pots.

Often more than one in different sizes.

And don’t forget the instant pot!”

13. I don’t like the sound of this.

“A thermostat.

Over here, we have a reverse cycle air conditioner we turn on when we’re no longer comfortable.

If it gets hot we turn it on and select cold If it gets cold we turn it on and select heat.”

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