November 6, 2022 at 12:48 pm

TikTok Trend Says You Should Dunk Your Plants, And They’re Actually Right

by Trisha Leigh

There is a popular theory that you either have a green thumb or not – and if you don’t, you may as well never buy a plant again because you’re only destined to kill it.

As with everything, though, there’s a learning curve to taking care of plants, and experts say dunking them should definitely be on your agenda.


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All potted plants, even succulents, will require some level of maintenance, and that always includes regular watering. If your plants are indoor or outdoor, they’ll also accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris like pet hair over time, which is why many gardeners opt for the occasional dunking.

One of the reasons is that if too much dirt or dust builds up, it could block light from getting through and inhibiting photosynthesis. Another is that it will also clean things like pests from the plants without having to use harsh chemicals – a must before bringing outdoor plants in for the winter.

It also rehydrates houseplants that tend to repel water, which is a lot of potting soils.

Before you get started, do a little research to make sure whether or not your particular plant will tolerate the process.


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Once you’re ready, here’s how to tackle the task.

For smaller houseplants, you’ll want to fill your sink or a bucket with room temperature water. You don’t want the plant to float, so use your hand to keep the leaves and soil from dislodging.

Fully submerge the plant, giving the leaves a quick swirl underwater to get rid of any stubborn particles.

You’ll leave it that way until all of the bubbles are gone, then leave it over the sink while it drains. You’ll want to set it on a towel or waterproof surface until it’s dry enough to go back to its original location.

If you’ve got larger plants or ones that usually live outside, the process is basically the same–you just might find yourself giving them a shower instead of a path.

Some gardeners recommend spraying outdoor plants with a non-detergent, natural soap before washing, the rinsing again with clean water.


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Since over-watering plants is always a concern, experts recommend not dunking your plants more than once a month, in addition to your usual watering schedule.

Hopefully this helps you keep your indoor and outdoor plants happy and healthy!