December 7, 2022 at 5:34 pm

13 People Share What They Think Was Ruined by the Internet

by Matthew Gilligan

No doubt about it, the Internet has changed pretty much every aspect of our lives, for better or worse…

And today we’re going to focus on the bad stuff!

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about what they think was ruined by the Internet.

1. Well…

“Almost everything, honestly.

Information is so easy to access now but also it’s just as easy to pump fake and incorrect information out just for likes/views.”

2. This dark.

“Interpersonal communication.

We also self isolate and surround ourselves with people that are like minded. This discourages true personal growth and reinforces opinions into more extreme, and radicalized beliefs.

Always make an effort to debate and discuss people with opposing views to your own and actively listen.

We used to have to do this, now not only do we not, but we regularly encourage people to ignore, dismiss or walk away from this.

It’s awful and in my opinion will inevitably lead to war sooner than you’d think.”

3. Everywhere.

“Being surprised at what happens in TV shows and movies.

Spoilers are everywhere online.”

4. A big one.

“Mental health.

No wonder we’re all anxious and depressed all you hear is horror stories.

I used to have my local news app and all I got was notifications such as ‘mother of 4 had an itch on her leg and 2 days later she was d**d’.”

5. That stinks.

“Pawn shops and thrift stores.

You used to be able to get cool finds with certain shops specializing in one thing or another.

Now they just take the item and hop on Ebay and price it the same.”

6. They were pretty cool back then.


I would actually love some Encyclopedias from the 1800s and those gold edged Encyclopedia Britannicas from the TV ads in the 1990s.”

7. No more hunting.

“Record collecting.

There is no need for knowledge anymore, and no need for hunting through piles of vinyl in second hand stores.

Everything is priced according to a Discogs search and sold online.”

8. Where’s the real stuff?

“Dating, privacy, communication.

Anything having to do with real, pure human interaction.

That’s why I’ve deleted all my social media accounts.”

9. Ugh.

“People’s behavior.

Everyone thinks real life is like being online, and they no longer know how to behave.”

10. No more secrets.

“The feeling of exploration and discovery in video games.

From trading secrets on the playground in Mario Bros. to exploring and mapping out a dungeon in EverQuest.

Sure the internet existed then, but it eventually became so much more ubiquitous and games are now completely known sometimes before they even release.”

11. Messed up.

“I h**e that people prefer to record accidents and such just to post them on the internet rather than helping the people who took part in that accident or even worse hinder the people who actually try to help by blocking the way.”

12. Psychos everywhere.

“Now knowing the vast amount of mean jerks there really are in the world.

Also how warped some people’s thinking can be.”

13. Cheaters never win.

“Trivia nights at bars.

People who cheat at trivia night at bars are s**t people.”

14. So, what’s better on the internet?

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