December 27, 2022 at 8:22 am

13 People Who Had Too Much Drink and Should Have Put Their Phones Down

by Matthew Gilligan

Are you the kind of person who whips out their phone after they’ve had a few drinks and starts texting friends, family members, and maybe even some of your exes?

That’s never a good idea!

You need to put that thing away until the next morning…or else you’re gonna end up texting some really stupid things like these folks did.

Let these posts scare you straight!

1. I love you, Doordash.

This is really beautiful…

2. Not even close.

That…didn’t go very well.

a facepalm-worthy drunk text of mine (down horribly) from facepalm

3. Blew it big time.

This is embarrassing.

Sent out a drunk text to my project peer last night and just found out Whatsapp won’t let you delete messages older than an hour from sadcringe

4. I hope you don’t get fired.

Good luck to you…

5. I’m just driving.

Still driving…

6. Oh, Derrick.

This guy, I tell ya…

7. I wonder where they ended up.

They had quite a night!

8. Hello, Father…

I’m sure he appreciated this.

9. And now let’s talk to Mother.

She knew you were wasted.

10. Uh oh…

Things are about to get weird.

11. Maybe this is the only time they get answers.

Kind of a smart idea…

12. Don’t text ANYONE on New Year’s.

Never a good idea.

13. Big fan of your beans.

I’m sure they appreciated that.

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