December 28, 2022 at 12:32 am

8 Tips For Helping Your Dog Live Its Best Life

by Matthew Gilligan

We all love our dogs like family and we’d do anything to protect them and keep them safe, healthy, and happy.

You know that’s the truth!

And that’s why it’s important to learn all the important tips to keep your pooch as safe as possible.

Here are 8 things to look out for that you want to avoid to keep your best friend healthy and happy.

Take a look.

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1. Trim the right way.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of cutting their dog’s nails too short. This can lead to injury and cause them a lot of pain.

Take a look at the way your vet does it so you can do it at home and, if possible, start trimming when your dog is a puppy so they are used to it by the time they are fully grown.

2. The bath.

Here are the basics when it comes to bathing your dog: don’t use any shampoo that is heavily scented because it will irritate their skin. And if you’re going to use baby shampoo, dilute it with water so it doesn’t hurt their eyes.

But the best thing to do is to go to a pet store and get a shampoo that is specifically for dogs and use lukewarm water in the tub. And remember to pay attention and get all the shampoo off so they don’t develop any skin problems.

And when it comes to drying them off, use a towel or use a blow dryer on a cool setting so you don’t burn their skin.

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3. Get the right brush.

Be sure you do your research and get the right kind of brush for the kind of dog you have.

For instance, pointy, metal brushes shouldn’t be used on short-haired dogs because it can lead to skin irritation. Get a softer brush for short-haired pooches.

4. Portion control.

There are A LOT of obese pets out there today and a big part of the problem is that they’re being overfed by their owners.

This leads to a lot of issues including hip and leg pain and can even lead to diabetes. So keep an eye on the portions you’re dishing out for your dog and limit the number of treats you give them, too.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash,Chris Benson

5. No people food!

It can be hard not to do it, but you shouldn’t give your dog any human food from the table AT ALL.

This can lead to weight gain, digestive issues, and a host of other issues.

Stick with dog food for the dogs!

6. Dogs need to play.

There’s nothing more depressing than seeing a bummed out dog whose owners don’t play with them enough.

Dogs can display disruptive and repetitive behaviors if they don’t get enough play time and stimulation. Do your research on the kind of dog you have and figure out how much exercise and play time they need.

And get out there with your best friend and have some fun!

7. When nature calls…

Whatever you do, don’t make your dog wait too long to go to the bathroom.

Yes, they might be able to hold it for a long time, but waiting too long can cause bladder infections and can lead to them causing trouble.

It’s recommended that you don’t wait more than 7 or 8 hours between walks for your dog.

8. Keep an eye on them.

It’s important to supervise your dog when you give them new toys or they could find small parts or stuffing that they swallow, which can lead to a lot of health problems.

So keep an eye on them when you give them a new toy and don’t let them near kids’ toys because that can lead to a whole other level of issues.

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