December 15, 2022 at 1:34 am

The Koopa Troopa Video That’s Taking TikTok By Storm

by Trisha Leigh

You never can tell what the next dance trend is going to be until it pops up, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many people with “Koopa Troopa” on their Bingo cards.

The little turtles from Mario-world have come back in a big way, though, and TikTok can’t get enough.

The Koopa Shuffle originated on October 28th, 2022 when @koopatroopa_official posted a short clip from New Super Mario Bros. U for the Switch. In it, two green-shelled Koopa Troopas begin walking along a moving platform. But when they stop to do their little hand shimmy they loose their progress, cursed to never complete their stroll to the end of the platform.


♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa

Somehow, the video amassed over 20 million views and inspired people, perhaps for the first time, to consider the Koopa’s struggle.

Or maybe they just liked the catchy beat.

By November, the Koopa Troopa had taken on a life of its own, with users turning its struggle into an archetype of pain. The arm shuffle is non-negotiable, after all, regardless of circumstances.

People began to imagine the turtles shaking their hands through all sorts of scenarios, like attending a birth.


strong genes 🧬😩 #koopatok #koopa #koopatroopa #mario #supermario #gaming #comedy #darkhumour #ukcomedy #hospital

♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa

Or this one, who shimmied through receiving a college rejection letter.


#koopa #fyp #4u #foryou

♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa

Others, like @eflatmaj7sharp11, likened the once humble enemy to Sisyphus, who spent eternity rolling a rock uphill only to have it crash repeatedly back to the bottom.


#duet with @Koopa i don’t know what my hair is doing

♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa

Around 40,000 videos have now borrowed the original sound, and there’s something that’s ubiquitous and identifiable about the depressing life of the Koopa.

Which I suppose should tell us something about society today, if we’re brave enough to look a little closer.

It might sound odd, but go ahead and watch a few, and then a few more.

I’m betting it will be pretty hard to stop.

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