January 13, 2023 at 8:36 am

12 People Talk About the Jobs That They Think Attract the Most Psychopaths

by Matthew Gilligan

Fact: certain professions attract people who can be considered psychopaths.

Hey, I don’t make the rules, I’m just speaking the truth.

And it’s pretty scary when you think about it…

AskReddit users weighed in on this topic. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. You know the type.

“Traders, investors, Wall Street types I would assume.

Patrick Bateman type guys.”

2. Ruthless.

“Any C-level executive or very large business owner (multinationals).

Those kinds of people basically have to step over the (hopefully not literal) bodies and careers of their colleagues and employees to get where they are.

Nice people don’t have that ruthlessness.”

3. Crazy folks.

“In my experience, Cosmetology.

I’ve been friends with quite a few people who cut hair, and they’re all bat-s**t crazy.

No offense to anybody in the industry who isn’t mentally unstable. We probably won’t be friends.”

4. Ugh.

“Nurse here and I am 100% going to say SURGEONS!

When I was a new graduate nurse on a BMT/hem onc floor I’ll never forget how they walked into my patients room (older woman with leukemia who watched her son d** from the same disease when he was a child- so very traumatized) woke her up to assess a wound they had done surgery on and left her on the commode while she was flashing (going into pulmonary edema) they told me she was sitting up and informed me how the wound was healing… I walked in and had to call a medical response.

On night shift they constantly sneak into your patients room without telling you then come out and inform you “your patient needs pain medication” yeah? because they took out a drain/ripped off a dressing etc etc when I could’ve pre-medicated them if they just spoke with me before!

My partner is doing her residency (not for surgery) and said she left crying everyday after her surgical rotation in med school.


5. Unfortunately…


I’ve met too many that got a badge so they could get away with m**der but couldn’t get in the military (or were too scared to).”

6. Lunatics.

“In my experience, kitchens seem to have a disproportionate amount of lunatics.

The movie Boiling Point is an excellent portrayal of the culinary industry.

I have seen every scene in that movie play out, sometimes more then once a night.”

7. You bet.

“Influencers and politicians.

Look at the behavior of influencers and you’ll see what I mean.”

8. Power hungry.

“CEOs and other people in positions of power.

You don’t get to the top most of the time by being nice its crazy hours, money, crazy drive to get there and need to be in that position.”

9. Makes sense.

“Evangelical large congregation leader dude like Danny McBride in The Righteous Gemstones.

Those guys.”

10. Big dogs.

“CEOs, lawyers, PR, police and surgeons.

Psychopathy is a statistical entity, not a diagnosis. Being a psychopath doesn’t necessarily make you a bad or evil person, either.

Many of them learn that antisocial behaviours harm them overall and rationally choose not to engage in them.”

11. Scary.

“Slaughterhouse worker.

Correlations were proven by studies in different countries – that job takes a toll on human mind, and increases h**icide rate.”

12. That’s frightening.


I don’t know if it’s necessarily sociopaths but there’s something off there. This is coming from someone who goes to therapy and is very much content and happy with my therapist and she has helped me through some seriously dark times.

Even she admits there are a lot of bizarre therapists out there… my mom is an amazing therapist but when her therapist mode is turned off it’s like a whole different person.”

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