January 22, 2023 at 2:12 am

Should You Drive With Your Hazards On In Bad Weather Or Not?

by Trisha Leigh

There’s a common practice out there to drive with your hazard lights on in the fog or dense rain, but experts have long advised against it – but why? And is it actually wrong, or have we been believing a lie this whole time?

It turns out that yes, it’s wrong, and in some states it’s even illegal – and auto repair specialist John Burkhauser expanded on why in a 2021 Reader’s Digest article.

“Realize that in bad weather it is hard enough to see you, but now with no turn signals, other drivers also don’t know where you may be going to.”

Meteorologist Brad Panovich agrees.

And here’s the reason why…

Many other experts point out that if the weather is bad enough to be a “hazard,” you probably shouldn’t driving at all, and AAA also advises against doing this, no matter how low the visibility.

The Johns Creek Police Department posted a similar warning on its Facebook page.

Hazard lights are a sign you need help, not to warn others of the weather or how its impacting your driving.

So, no matter what you hear on social media, rest assured there’s no need to turn them on unless you need roadside assistance.

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