January 11, 2023 at 11:39 pm

What First Date Activities Are Totally Overrated? People Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Going to a movie on a first date is just…uncomfortable.

You’re sitting in silence next to a person you just met and it just feels totally awkward.

Well, at least that’s how I feel about it…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the first date activities they think are totally overrated.

Start now!

1. Didn’t work out.

“I took a girl to a first date at a wine and canvas thing. We both liked to draw and paint and had similar tastes in drinks.

Lots to talk about and activity to occupy us if there was a lull in the conversation. Great idea, if only I had considered the fact that when I draw/paint I pretty much shut everything else out and just… draw/paint.

Poor girl spent 3 hours with me as I grunted out responses, had a scotch and painted something that I still use as a holiday decoration to this day. We did not have a second date.

Don’t take people to a wine and canvas event if you turn into a monosyllabic, boozy artist.”

2. Right?!?!

“Going to a movie.

Just staring at a screen instead of getting to know each other.”

3. Not a good idea.

“Visit with anybody, friends, parents, neighbors.

It’s insane to be around people who know the person you are dating well, and not you at all.

It’s like a job interview in front of a panel. No fun at all.”

4. All alone…


I’ve done it several times and every time I think wow it would be so easy to m**der me and also I’m winded af. My first date with my now bf was a literal hike up a mountain and I’m glad it worked out we had some awesome conversations getting to know each other but when we got to the top I remember telling him “it would be so easy for you to m**der me right now” he was a little offended by the comment because not the m**derous type but thought it was a fair and funny point.”

5. Let’s see your resume.

“I don’t like “coffee” dates.

Meeting at a coffee shop always feels job interviewy to me.

I’ve never once felt that spark or romantic connection at coffee shop for a date.”

6. I disagree.


It’s not actually as fun as folks think it will be, if there’s only 2 of you. You’re just taking turns to get up and play, so you’re never both sat down for long enough together to have a decent conversation.

It also goes quite fast without more players.

Plus the shoes are always clownish AF.”

7. Don’t do it!

“Never invite them to meet and hang out with your friends.

It’s awkward and it’s a lot of pressure for your date.

Everyone h**es it.”

8. Yikes.

“Kayaking when you don’t know how to swim.

Seriously, I had to be rescued by my date and it was super embarrassing.

Dropped her off at her car, changed my number and never talked to her again.”

9. I can’t hear you!

“A loud bar.

No room for conversation and too much time wasted.”

10. All day in the car.

“A long-ish car ride.

I invited a first date to a great restaurant (fun environment too) – but didn’t think about the fact that it was about a 30+ minute drive each way. Kind of an awkward trip to and from, especially when it turned out that we really didn’t have much in common.

The trip back took a loooong time.”

11. Oh, hell no.

“Escape rooms.

I work at one and the amount of first dates doing our rooms is too dang high.

1. There aren’t enough people to even play. If you show up with two, we make you pay for a third ticket minimum. 2. You can’t learn anything about each other because you’re too busy playing. 3. You will suck and you will get frustrated.

Not a good look on a first date.”

12. So…now what?

“A fancy dinner.

Sitting at a table with someone you just met isn’t the best way to get to know each other. Some kind of activity is much more appealing to me.

Start to figure out each others likes and dislikes, etc.”

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