January 10, 2023 at 10:43 pm

Woman Accidentally Applies to Multiple Jobs on LinkedIn With Her “Joke” Resume

by Matthew Gilligan

Oops! Sorry about that!

I guess it’s a good thing to pay attention to WHICH resume you’re sending out when you’re applying for jobs, huh?

Well, a woman learned that lesson the hard way when she accidentally submitted a joke resume for jobs instead of her real one.

Check out what she had to say in her video.

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Her TikTok video went viral and people shared their thoughts about it.

One person said,

“Recruiter here! That would totally make my day!!!”

Another person commented,

“As a recruiter of 6 years, I’d call you. This is gold and just what I need to smile. LMAO.”

And one viewer added,

“We do!!! I would be crying laughing if I saw that resume I’d probs call you and offer you a job as well!”

And other viewers talked about the mistakes they’ve made during their job searches.

One person commented,

“Worked at a winery and couldn’t remember my job title. While updating my resume I put a temp title, but I forgot. Sent out resumes saying I was a wino.”

Another added,

“One time I was making my dad’s resume with him and we put ‘I want a job blah blah blah’ as the headline, we forgot to go back and edit that part.”

And one TikTokker said,

“I did this once. I jokingly put Hogwarts as my post-secondary with a major in Potions….meant to go back and fix it and never did!“

Be sure to proofread, my friends!

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