February 19, 2023 at 7:12 am

12 Photos for All You Punny (And Funny) Folks Out There

by Matthew Gilligan

You look like you could use a few laughs, my friends…

And we think we have just what the doctor ordered!

How do 12 hilarious puns sound right about now?

We thought you’d be into that idea!

So kick your feet up and prepare to laugh at some seriously funny puns.

Get started now!

1. It’s in his jeans, ya know?

Read that one very slowly again…hey o!

He probably doesn’t love his job, but hay, it’s in his jeans. from Punny

2. This one is a winner for sure.

Now on to the next point: would you eat this? Be honest…

Ground beef from GoodFakeTexts

3. Arrested again for breaking the law.

When is this pooch gonna learn?

doggo from Punny

4. Living in the future.

And not a bad pun! Not bad at all!

No spoilers from puns

5. You’ve heard of this famous movie before?

Let that one sink in…

Ho Malone or Post Malone from memes

6. That didn’t work out so well.

Better luck next time!

Clearing a windscreen from puns

7. He forgot to put the car in Bark.

He looks pretty confused about this whole thing.

The dogs had an accident! from GoodFakeTexts

8. You really nailed this one!

I wonder if anyone found this funny…

How do you guys like my first attempt at 3D printing? from puns

9. Finally! The photographic evidence we’ve all been waiting for!

Oh…wait a second…

BIGFOOT CAUGHT ON TAPE (x-post r/pics) from Punny

10. This one is great!

You can go ahead and admit that you laughed.

Christian Bale from Punny

11. I guess they don’t have much of a sense of humor.

Hopefully they’ll get on the cheesy train soon.

12. You can’t write a check here, but…

The other kind of Czechs here are more than welcome!

No Checks from Punny

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