Feb 4, 2023

14 People Discuss Old Movies They Think Are Cringeworthy Today Because of the Humor

Times are always changing and things that were acceptable not that long ago are now looked at with disdain and they make people cringe.

And that goes for movies, too!

Let’s hear from people on AskReddit about what movies from the past they think are hard to watch now because of cringeworthy humor.

1. Bye bye…

“American Pie.

Nadia should have wanted Jim’s head on stick.”

2. Think about it.

“Never Been Kissed…

But you thought she was a student…”

3. An ’80s classic.

“”Revenge of the Nerds.

” The “heroes” of the movie plant cameras in the girls’ house to watch them undressing and showering, they sell naked pictures of them, and the lead “hero” r**es a girl who, in return, falls in love with him because he’s good at s** (um, really?). At least neither the token gay (who doubles as the token black) nor the token Asian aren’t stereotyped… oh, wait.

Let’s not forget that the “Omega Mu” sorority is full of the “fat and ugly” girls, but thankfully the nerdy guys get the hot girls in the end!

What’s not to love about that?”

4. The hot guy.

“Sixteen Candles.

The ‘hot guy’ palms off his cheerleader girlfriend on the h**ny nerd after she gets blackout/pass out dr**k.

It’s implied that the nerd r**es her off screen. But of course when she wakes up the next morning, instead of being upset, she’s learned a valuable lesson not to be so stuck up.”

5. Wouldn’t get made today.

“Soul Man.

Guy takes a bunch of tanning pills to look black so that he can get into college.”

6. We’re done here!

“Me and my fiance tried watching “According to Jim” on Disney+.

It’s literally just a guy treating his wife like garbage.

Stopped watching after like 3 episodes.”

7. Intolerable.

“The 40 Year Old Virgin.

What a great, sweet, funny and earnest film in so many ways for me, but the fact that there’s this WHOOOLLLE SCENE where all the guys conspire to find the dr**kest women to take home to r**e is pretty much intolerable now.

Like, how is it treated as funny that he’s meant to have prey upon a woman who can’t even walk straight. Seeing all these bros talk about it like sport, just makes me sick, bc it’s super real.”

8. The older woman.

“I watched Weird Science a few weeks ago.

Fully grown woman s**ually a**aulting not one, but two high school students.”

9. Fakin’ it.

Sorority Boys.

Three dudes fake being girls to get housing at a sorority house after being kicked out of their frat. The joke is that the sorority is filled with “ugly” girls and hence, they fit in.

From memory the geeky brother of one of the sorority boys r**es him while he’s unconscious, thinking he’s f**king a girl. Brags about it, then is universally shamed when their identities are revealed.”

10. Wanna kiss?

“Blank Check where the adult female FBI agent shares a kiss with a ten year old boy.”

11. Offended by this one.

“Big with Tom Hanks.

A kid becomes an adult using magic and sleeps with a woman (it’s implied).

Another kid says “who the f**k do you think you are?!”.

I think there’s at least two “f**ks” in this PG movie where a kid f**ks a woman.”

12. Weird.

“40 days and 40 nights.

The guy literally gets r**ed near the end and his GF walks in after he’s r**ed, but it’s painted as humorous and then he has to apologize to the GF because she implies he was “cheating” on her.

The whole thing really disgusted me.”

13. Hmmm…

“Kindergarten Cop

“Hey good news! Your son isn’t gay! He has actually been playing with dolls in order to gain the girls’ trust so he can look up their skirts!”

Mom: “Thank God! He’s only a pervert and creep in the making and not a disgusting homo!””

14. Wouldn’t fly today.

“It’s Pat probably wouldn’t fly today.

The entire punchline is a person who is nonbinary being nonbinary wouldn’t play well for laughs today.”

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