February 6, 2023 at 1:16 am

18 Cozy Spaces That Will Make You Want To Curl Up And Take A Nap

by Trisha Leigh

I feel like one of the byproducts of everyone spending way more time at home the last several years is that we’re all super into being warm and cozy and comfortable pretty much 24/7.

These people have gone above and beyond in creating a space that caters to those feelings, and I can almost promise that after scrolling this list, you’re going to need one of your own.

18. I always wanted to live on a boat.

I like the idea of being able to cut and run.

I live on a boat, it’s my cosy place from CozyPlaces

17. Plants are always a good idea.

As long as they’re not toxic.

how i separated my bed in my one room apartment. from CozyPlaces

16. Small spaces are inherently cozy.

And easier to clean.

Just moved into a gorgeous 1916 bungalow. Our living room came together nicely! from CozyPlaces

15. The dog looks comfortable.

That’s all the review I need.

The school bus I converted from CozyPlaces

14. I bet the bees love it.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Coziest place I know: my mom’s city garden from CozyPlaces

13. Those flowers must have cost a fortune.

They were worth it, though.

My wedding last night from CozyPlaces

12. I want the whole room.

Especially the color-coded shelves.

My cozy library space with my pup! from CozyPlaces

11. That looks like a literal picture.

And the doggie made me squeal.

First Fall in our new home! from CozyPlaces

10. He loves it.

And why wouldn’t he?

We upgraded our dogs bed area and gave him his own cozy corner from CozyPlaces

9. I want to come!

I bet those kids had a great time.

My son wanted a camping sleepover for his birthday🏕 from CozyPlaces

8. All of these green spaces are inspiring me.

If only I could keep plants alive.

My San Francisco Apartment from CozyPlaces

7. What a great space.

It must feel nice to go home to that every day.

My apartment during sunrise! from CozyPlaces

6. Well now I definitely need this.

How clever.

Finally made a shelf for my bed projector! from CozyPlaces

5. Good job making use of a small space.

The cat helps.

This is my London studio apartment from CozyPlaces

4. Fairy lights make every space magical.

I don’t know why, but they do.

Our secret garden in Brooklyn right before wine and sunset. from CozyPlaces

3. They’re making it work for them.

It’s a whole vibe.

My 70s sunken living room – St Paul, MN from CozyPlaces

2. A trusting soul.

I wouldn’t be able to rest, I don’t think.

AFrame Hammock Bed from CozyPlaces

1. It’s like a spa.

How delightful.

My little bathroom sanctuary 🪴 from CozyPlaces


Yeah, I’m about to get creative.

Bonus points if I can make it soundproof, too.

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