February 14, 2023 at 6:29 pm

20 People Who Took Screenshots Of The Most Entitled Comments Ever

by Trisha Leigh

There is no shortage of self-centered people in the real world or on the internet. Every day you can find new ones, like people are seemingly trying to one-up each other being awful.

These 20 people might be winning (or losing) that game, because they truly are as entitled as they come.

20. Asking for a ride is one thing…

This is something else altogether.

She’s entitled to an Uber since I can’t drive her around for free and have a job from ChoosingBeggars

19. I think this customer is the type of person who will destroy a business.

I’m just saying.

I don’t get to experience these much. from ChoosingBeggars

18. This has to be a joke, right?

Sadly, I think it is not.

He is a business man indeed from ChoosingBeggars

17. Whatever is easiest for you.

This one absolutely galled me.

Entitled girl asks for free food, decides she needs delivery as well from ChoosingBeggars

16. Who pays to go to a wedding?

Not me, that’s who.

Bride n groom requests no perfume on the women and the men are free labour, on top of paying $360 a head. from ChoosingBeggars

15. Too many of these out there.

Why do people think this is a thing?

The disrespect to makeup artists. from ChoosingBeggars

14. Someone is being dramatic.

It’s not the nanny, though.

Good for the nanny. from antiwork

13. I don’t think this is a thing.

Did we think this was a thing?

You know he’s broke from ChoosingBeggars

12. They’re not getting those headphones back.

I’m sorry to say.

Classmate slept over and borrowed my Powerbeats pro… from ChoosingBeggars


That is the deal, my friend.

I was giving away a free dishwasher on Craigslist and caught one in the wild! from ChoosingBeggars

10. That’s definitely not how a tip jar works.

The opposite, really.

It’s too pennies! from ChoosingBeggars

9. That question definitely goes both ways.

Yikes. I don’t think this friendship is going to last.

[deleted by user] from ChoosingBeggars

8. It wouldn’t be funny even if it was a joke.

This guy seems like a real treat.

CB says $1000 government check not enough from ChoosingBeggars

7. No good deed goes unpunished.

I would have taken my offer back probably.

CB at Walmart wants to add groceries. from ChoosingBeggars

6. Everyone has to have standards.

At least they didn’t waste any more of their time.

On the positive side, at least they weeded themselves out early from ChoosingBeggars

5. Time to end that relationship.

I promise things are not going to get better.

Entitlement has no boundaries from ChoosingBeggars

4. Oh man that’s pure evil.

There are so many cats in the world!

NOT MINE But dude literally refuses to return a missing family’s cat. Cat has not been returned and there is a Facebook post leaking his number asking for the public to help. from ChoosingBeggars

3. Did they think that would work?

I have to wonder whether or not it’s worked before.

Someone ordered and paid for a medium pizza at our work and asked us to make it a large in the notes from ChoosingBeggars

2. I feel gross just reading that.

What on earth is wrong with people?

What a winner! from ChoosingBeggars

1. Flat-out gross.

Do not be like this person.

She wants a discount in exchange for a bottle of water (tap water, that is) from ChoosingBeggars

I mean, yikes.

What else can you say except to be kinder to each other, y’all!