February 16, 2023 at 10:47 pm

What Job Secret Can You Share Since You Don’t Work There Anymore? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

I love when people are willing to divulge information about places they used to work…

It’s fun to get that inside info, you know?!?!

Are you ready to get some serious dirt?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. The rundown.

“Home Depot:

Most security cameras are fake. Easy to steal & most stores have no security/loss prevention.

Buy the Clearance items that end in $.03. After that, the next step of the markdown process is the dumpster.

Dial 676 on any desk phone to live page on the overhead speakers. Fun to mess with that.

Buy the products in front, it’s newer. The old product gets pushed behind continuously.

If you see a ‘reduced tag’ item (usually larger items: appliances, vanities, etc. w/ slight damage) ask someone to scan for the price. Most times they’re not updated and will be cheaper then the tag says.

Free bottles of water for customers behind the customer service desk.”

2. Wow.

“I used to work surveillance at a casino.

From something like 3 stories high ceiling, we could zoom in on money on the table games and read the serial numbers of the bills.

We could see the pips on the dice. Policy was to not look down blouses.”

3. Surprising.

“Ford parts from Mexico are way more reliable than Ford parts from Detroit.

I worked in Detroit and we had some customers who were fussy about us always doing repairs with Michigan parts, but when we had a problem that wouldn’t stay fixed we would always secretly switch to the Mexican parts (which did solve things).”

4. Wouldn’t want to be that person.

“Hotels do not typically have security, maintenance or housekeeping on staff 24/7.

Once housekeeping finishes cleaning all the rooms, the entire staff leaves except for one front desk employee.”

5. I believe it.

“Worked at a major cable/ISP and was there 4 billing cycles.

They upgraded the billing system, but did something wrong, and all but the current cycle got a late charge. But instead of fixing it immediately, we were told to credit their account if the customer called in.

I did the math, and for the size of our city, and the 3/4 of people wrongly charged, it was over a million USD. Most people just pay their bill and don’t look to close.”

6. FYI.

“I worked baggage at an airport.

Nothing is handled with care. If it’s marked fragile, your only hope is nice baggage handlers.

You should avoid packing breakable things at all costs.”

7. Gotta double check.

“Arby’s manager replaced the expiration stickers on the bread with new ones.

I guess so the bread would last longer that way.

I threw out 100+ pitas with green fuzz on them after checking the manager s work.”

8. Hmmmm…

“Had a friend who worked for a bridal dress company, she would tell me all her stories after work.

They intentionally will bring back the “wrong” dress in attempts to get you to try it on, fall in love, and buy a more expensive wedding dress. They’ll walk you through the more expensive sections so you look through dresses out of your budget and want to try them on.

They often forget to check if the dress you requested is in stock for the timeframe you’ve requested, again so that you’ll have to pay more for faster shipping or a nicer dress. It’s a very predatory business masked by complements, thinly veiled body shaming, and incredibly underpaid and understaffed stores.”

9. Jeez.

“I worked at General Motors in the paint department for a while before moving to final repair.

I found it that guys that wanted to commit s**cide but wanted to take care of their family’s future would volunteer to work in the clear coat booth.

They would be seen in there with no mask on. The stuff would crystallize on their lungs. No way to save you after that. Usually took a year.”

10. Shady.

“A place similar in name to Past Face Urgent Care (at least in the region I worked at) banned their front desk from informing customers that they have a credit balance to use toward their services and still required us to charge customers the full price on top of what we already owed them.

Some accounts had like 500 dollars of copay that should have been refunded but weren’t. I was actually reprimanded for applying the credit balance, because despite finance agreeing my method was correct, the regional manager said it was not a good look for the company and hindered her profits.”

11. Sad.

“I worked at a Petco in Alaska.

Apparently brown/black mice are not allowed up here. Only white mice. We got a shipment in of a bunch of black/brown mice and had to take them to the “vet” to be k**led.

Also, the animals are literally shipped in on a UPS truck and delivered in packages. I would open a package and it would be full of fish or mice or snakes. Ya never knew what was coming, it was wild.

Luckily my shift manager was a really good person. She tried her best to help any sick animal and was super diligent about keeping the cages really clean. She would stay after hours to care for the sick animal in the back and double down on cleaning.”

12. Noooooooo!

“Olive Garden breadsticks are just Franz brand breadsticks, garlic salt, and butter.”

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